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Tipps zum Kaufen und Erstellen von sparsamen heidnischen Werkzeugen und anderen Gegenständen

Claire hat an der Open University studiert und hat ein Diplom der Stufe 3 in Kristallheilkunde. Sie ist auch auf die Reiki-Stufen 1 und 2 eingestimmt.

Wenn Sie etwas über Heidentum und Magie lernen, werden Sie wahrscheinlich viel über Bücher und Werkzeuge und deren Symbolik, Gründe und Funktionen im Heidentum lesen. In einigen Fällen können diese Artikel sehr teuer oder schwer zu beschaffen sein, insbesondere wenn Sie nicht in einer großen Stadt oder einem heidnischen Gebiet leben. Sie können auch feststellen, dass es aufgrund des Platzbedarfs oder der damit verbundenen Kosten nicht möglich oder praktisch ist, alles zu kaufen oder zu besitzen, was Ihnen gefällt.

Ihre Spiritualität und wie effektiv Ihre Arbeit ist, wird nicht davon beeinflusst, wie teuer oder glänzend Ihre Werkzeuge sind, wo Sie sie gekauft haben oder ob Sie sie überhaupt haben. Die natürliche Energie der Magie und Spiritualität kommt aus dir selbst und aus der Erde. Sie können überall zaubern oder den Gott und die Göttin ehren, ohne spezielle Gegenstände zu benötigen. Alles, was wichtig ist, ist Ihr Glaube und Ihre Absicht zum Zeitpunkt der Durchführung eines Rituals, Zaubers, einer Meditation usw.

Das heißt, Tools können sehr nützlich sein. Sie können viel Symbolik tragen und helfen, uns auf das zu konzentrieren, was wir erreichen möchten. Die Verwendung von Werkzeugen, Ansichten darüber und welche Werkzeuge als notwendig erachtet werden, variiert von Tradition zu Tradition und sogar von Person zu Person. Manche Menschen sind am glücklichsten, ihre magischen und spirituellen Arbeiten ohne bestimmte Gegenstände in den Alltag zu integrieren, während andere einen strukturierteren und fokussierteren Ansatz bevorzugen. Dieser Ansatz ist oft formeller und kann das Gießen von Kreisen beinhalten, das Tragen bestimmter Kleidung, die nur für Rituale verwendet wird, und sogar einen Raum zu Hause, der Magie, Meditation und anderen spirituellen oder religiösen Praktiken gewidmet ist. Kein Ansatz ist richtig oder besser als der andere. Wichtig ist, dass Sie sich von Ihrer eigenen Intuition leiten lassen und das tun, was sich für Sie und Ihren individuellen Weg am besten anfühlt.

If you do wish or need to use tools, many of these can be bought cheaply or even made at home. Another beneficial aspect of making your own tools is that it enables you to create something unique and customised to your exact tastes and need. Items you create yourself will also become highly charged with your personal energy and intent during the creation process. Many people believe that this makes tools more effective when they are later used.

Making your own tools may take more time than buying but there is no need to try and make everything at once. As you progress in your learning and practice you may also feel that you don’t need or want an item after all. Start out with the items that you really feel you would like to work with and go from there. If you add to your collection as you need each item you can avoid any unnecessary work or expense. If you do decide to buy your tools these do not have to be items that have been specifically designed as magical tools.

For example, a knife that you feel an attraction to will be more effective specifically named athame that you feel no connection with. Another option is to buy basic items and customise them. This could be a plain journal that you decorate the cover and pages of or for a kitchen witch; plain wooden cooking tools could be decorated using pyrography or have charms or ribbons added to the handles. It is important to be sure that any customisation or decoration will not affect the safely of using the item, especially if it is to be used in cooking or preparing food.

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A Note About Buying Pagan Items

Many items such as candles, incense and essential oils may be cheaper to buy in places other than pagan specific stores. When it comes to oils you need to make sure that you are buying essential oils and not just fragrance oils. Fragrance oils do not have the medicinal or magical properties associated with essential oils. Some people also find that these are more likely to irritate allergies as well.

Another important thing to consider is that many pagan related items that you see in shops or at festivals are handcrafted by pagan artists. Although at first they may seem very expensive, it is important to consider the work, care and skill that has gone into creating them. Though materials may not cost much, crafting the actual item can take a lot of time and skill. Some people craft as a hobby but for others, it can be an only source of income. In either case, it is reasonable that they charge for the time and care they put into producing each of their products. Many people prefer handcrafted items for their uniqueness and in buying from an individual craftsperson you are supporting a small business rather than large corporations. When you buy direct from an artist you can also ask where your items have come from and how they have been produced, reducing any worries that they may have been made unethically.

Altar Ideas

Altars can vary enormously based on personal preference. An altar does not have to be large and elaborate to be effective and can be indoors or outdoors and can even be made portable.

Some ideas for space-saving, low-cost altars are:

Use an empty shelf in an existing bookcase
An unused mantle place
An empty drawer

Perhaps that draw you keep full of bits and bobs ‘you might use one day’ but never do could be transformed? The draw itself can be removed and placed on top of the cabinet or on the floor for use and then it and your altarpieces can be safely stored away once you are finished. This method also has the advantage of being hidden so for people who are unable to be open about their beliefs it could be ideal. If you have a fireplace in your house, most have a shelf or top that could be a perfect altar. As many people display items on top of a fireplace, this method may also not arouse any suspicions in people around you. Of course, this will depend on the exact items you choose. The surface of any already in use piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers, desk or cupboard can also be used.

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There is no need to buy an expensive specific altar cloth to cover your altar. Any piece of fabric that you like or feel drawn to is suitable. This could be bought from a fabric shop or be another item such as a square scarf or table cloth. If you can sew or chose a non-fraying material such as fleece you could re-purpose a piece of clothing or other item, maybe use something that has some personal significance to you. Choosing a washable fabric is always a good idea in case of spills. You can have one cloth or several and change it as you wish. Many people also change their altar cloths and decorations based on the seasons or for certain celebrations.


A wand is used to conduct energy and be made from a huge variety of materials. A wand can be a simple as a stick you’ve collected in the woods or can be decorated with paint, carvings, wire, gemstones or feathers. You could also chose a wood for its magical or healing properties.

Take a walk through woodland or a park and see if you can find a stick or branch that attracts you. If the wood is fresh and moist it will need to be left to dry before it can be used. Drier branches that have been on the ground for some time can be used straight away. You can leave the stick as you find it or strip off the bark. Generally, this can be done with a knife but some can be peeled by hand. If you leave the bark on you can carve symbols into it and have the lighter colour of the wood show through. You can shape the wand by carving, add wire to decorate or attach gemstones, beads, fabric, cords or crystals.

One common design is to add a gemstone point (often quartz) to the pointing end of the wand. Decorate your wand however feels right for you, there is no right or wrong way. If you chose not to use a wand at all and prefer to simply point your finger to direct energy, then do not feel pressured to use a wand. This has the added advantage that your ‘wand’ is always with you.


Incense is generally fairly easy and cheap to buy. Sticks are easier to use than cones, which can be difficult to light and put out. Sticks can also be extinguished partway through burning and relit at a later time. This can help to prevent waste and is useful if you need to go out or just wanted to burn incense during a set time, for example a meditation. Incense should never be left unattended.

Another option is to buy dried herbs, resins and other ingredients and make your own loose incense. Some ingredients can be hard to find or expensive but this is a nice option as you can create blends that suit your needs and personal tastes. It also enables you to avoid ingredients you may be allergic or sensitive too. You can build your collection of ingredients as you go along, buying only what you need for each blend as you make it or by purchasing a few items a week or month. Some items such as nettles, elderberries and flowers, hawthorn and rowan are often found growing wild and can be collected and dried at home to use. Loose incense needs to be burnt on lit charcoal disks in a heatproof container or on an incense stove.


Jedes Weinglas kann als Kelch verwendet werden und einige geformte oder verzierte können ziemlich billig gekauft werden. Sie können ein schlichtes Glas kaufen und es selbst mit Glasfarben oder -stiften, Mosaikfliesen dekorieren oder mit einem Glasgravurwerkzeug gravieren. Lufttrocknender Ton kann auch recht günstig gekauft werden, probiere die Kinderabteilung in Bastelläden oder ähnlichem aus. Gestalten Sie Ihren Kelch und lassen Sie ihn dann wie auf der Packung angegeben trocknen, bevor Sie ihn bemalen, versiegeln und dekorieren.


Echte Gusseisenkessel sind in der Regel teuer und schwer. Sie können Kessel aus anderen Materialien kaufen, aber jeder Behälter, der zum Verbrennen von Gegenständen und zum Aufbewahren von Wasser verwendet werden kann, ist vollkommen in Ordnung.


A bolline is a knife (often white-handled) that is used for cutting herbs and cords, carving symbols into candles and for any other cutting or carving that may be required. A plain kitchen knife is a good substitute and if the handle is wooden, this can be carved with symbols or a pattern. Pyrography can also be used and it is possible to create beautiful and intricate designs with this technique. The handle could also be decorated with coloured cord, cloth, and leather or painted.

An athame is the second type of knife used by many pagans. It is used in the same way as a wand, to point with and direct energy. Traditionally it is double-edged and blunt which can make it hard to substitute. If you prefer not to work with knives or cannot find one you like, a wand or your finger can be used for the same purpose.

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Claire (Autorin) aus Lincolnshire, Großbritannien am 13. August 2013:

Danke schön. Ich stimme zu, zu viele Leute, besonders wenn sie anfangen, haben das Gefühl, dass sie bestimmte Dinge haben müssen oder sich unter Druck gesetzt fühlen, viel für Dinge auszugeben, weil sie das Gefühl haben, dass sie besser sein müssen. Wenn in der Tat billigere Versionen vieler Artikel in Ordnung sind und diejenigen, die selbst hergestellt wurden, noch besser!

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Ausgezeichnet 🙂 Ich hatte einen Holunderbaum im Garten in meinem alten Haus, ich liebe es zu sitzen…